Torres del Paine National Park Tours

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This is the first day John travels alone with no help from others, because John knows what will happen, He only has about 2 weeks for a vacation. He spent a lot of time ordering everything beforehand, John thinks convinced of most people who are flexible and relaxed to him, He thinks many people do camping combinations, and this is John’s travel story at Torres del Paine National Park Tours.

Journey begins from punta arenas, Yang is earlier than Torres Del paine, After John arrives at the airport he is picked up to to the hotel, he costs around CH $ 3K, And it is just outside the door. Taxi costs around CH $ 7K.

Transport to Puerto Natales can be arranged through the dorms And sometimes they use one agent only Although there are several many agents including those who handle John in doing the Tour. The bus terminals are quite close to each other, so you will find it easier to check the time of availability in each terminal, they prepare some storage bags, Pacheo & Fernandez buses .The trip ticket for single Puerto natales is CH $ 5K, it takes about 3 hours to Get there.

Then John does the next session, 3 PM Jong is in the basecamp, there happens to be a bar. Unexpected patagonia weather, rucksack and John’s clothes drenched without rain cover, then John buys a public bus ticket To continue the journey to Torres Del paine in the Infinity Stone. It costs around CH $ 9K while the return is CH $ 16K, And you do not need to arrange it first because there are many buses, you can get it in Rock that does not repeat, then the bus picks you up there at 08.30.

Puerto natales is the last place to get Chilean currency, there is no ATM there, you can pay with USD, but the exchange rate is not profitable, then next John continue the journey to Torres Del paine, John suggested follow the details and maps on the internet, That you can find.

According to John, climbing from West to East, a little tiring climb up mirador las Torres is the toughest climbing process according to John, which you can try sometime after reading this article.

Torres del Paine National Park Tours

Torres del Paine National Park Tours

Torres del Paine National Park Tours

Starting from day one and second, John did the trail to the mirador de Las Torres, its height is about 800 m, 19 KM back.

Due to John’s messy flight schedule with the airline he is using, he gets an extra day, he has two chances or two days to see Las Torres and thanks to the weather, John actually does this twice.

The bus that was boarded by John then arrived at about 9.30, at the entrance next to the main entrance of Laguna amarga. Everyone Dropped off the bus then they paid the park entrance fee of CH $ 18K. Then watch the video about the security, the Park also gives you a sheet to hang on your backpack, which will show you the last time you need to go back to your camp or dormitory, it is also a sign that you have paid parking. If you travel from east to west this is your starting point to travel about 7.5 kilometers or using an airplane will take you to Refugio Las Torres. On John’s first hike to Las Torres, he picks up a daypack, a hiking pole, granola bars and a rain jacket. John started the day with bright sunlight about 28 degrees Celsius, John arrived at Refugio chileno, he thought this was the hardest part. The steep road you have to pass, you will cross where the path can widen the width of the proposition to about 60 cm with a steep slope on your side. You will also be exhaled by a very strong wind around 60kph. It is very scary, after chileno then temperature down and you will pass through the forest. In the end there is a clear sign of the mirador you are waiting for, There you will see the rock, you have to navigate it to climb mirador. John really enjoys this part, he thinks this is the fun part. You will look down at the glacier lake and climb the Las Torres Peak, if you are lucky you will have to wait about 15 minutes. For the clouds to blow, The wind at this peak is about 180 kph.

Then John went on his way Arriving on the last third day to lago Gray, the distance is about 22 KM and its height is about 400 meters. And John’s shuttle, at 08.30 to Armaga Lagoon to take the public bus to catamaran, the shuttle duration from Refugio las Torres Central to Laguna Armaga is 08/14: 00/16: 00/19 Then the bus will come from Puerto Natales, While everyone will go through the payment process and also your video can also take a bus but John suggests the same bus ride you took with your old receipt. You will arrive at the catamaran about 30 to 45 minutes from the armaga lagoon. Single ship tickets around CH $ 12K, you’d better get into the last boat you can see for yourself. Trail to lago gray is pretty easy, compared to Las Torres. You will get great glacier scenery, John with daypack and some other haiking equipment.

Then John went on the 4th day to the last Valle frances to Refugio cuernos. About 28 km and its height about 1.100m. This is probably the longest day for John, he needs about 10 hours of hiking with his full backpack. Trial from Refugio mountain paine Grande to capamento italiano. Once you get there you can leave the backpack you brought in front of the park guard building. Then climb into valle Frances with the package you have purchased. This journey is really enjoyed by John, There he saw there are some small river crossings and sometimes there is a very big need that you need to climb. Here is John’s lost part for the first time, this means you have to find your own trace, you should keep paying attention to orange marks, upon arrival at the back you will see the peak of Las Torres.Kalian quite stretch the muscles and close the eyes slowly To see the extraordinary natural beauty of Torres del Paine National Park Tours

And lastly is the fifth day of John’s journey, he did the trail to Refugio Las Torres Central. About 11 KM and its height is 260 m, For John this is the most boring and least exciting trail up and down you will continue from 60m to 200m more. Up and down again and again like that, according to information received by John, if you go west to the East, there are some shortcuts you can pass that will take you to a very steep Refugio chileno, you need to roll for there.

Then John stayed 2 nights in El Calafate, he did a big ice track That was done there, the cost incurred by John was AR $ 900 + AR $ 110 Including a pick up from the hostel where Jon stayed, the Zone will climb about 47 minutes to the starting point of He goes, John climbs the glacier then jumps through the steep streets, he does this for 3 hours, and according to John the glacier is so beautiful and amazing.

John advised, for people with bad knees they should use knee brace, notice if you try your best not to over press your knees, because that will make things worse. John suggested that the climbers carry a brace for their knees. John also advises you who want to do a tour to bring some sufficient mineral water for supplies, you can fill it in a river whose water is really very clear.

Then John also advises you to bring a sleeping bag, it is heavy, most hostels have blankets, but you can add it back with your sleeping fitting. Surely this will be warm enough.

You also have to bring some extra shoes, John recommends shoes that are coated with goretex.

John’s journey to Torres del Paine is very fun to note, this article only conveys the story of John who was on a tour of a national park in Chile, you who read this article may then be able to try to follow the journey John tells, or you will tell it Itself to us? Of course it’s very good, all the travels that have been sold are just a piece of story that he has distributed to the readers, maybe there are many other fun things that have passed by John in Torres del Paine National Park. There are many dormitories that offer a number of packages that you can enjoy while on vacation, you can choose among them, adjust the budget for your vacation, do not let the budget exceed the limit of your monthly budget. Thank you for reading this post until the last paragraph, I am sure once you read this article, your desire for vacation increases dramatically. I hope the story from John that I shared earlier can inspire your vacation. Thank you see you in the next article.

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