Torres del Paine National Park Lodging

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Torres del Paine National Park is one of the largest national parks in Chile. This national park is such an excellent park for all of people who love adventure. This park is complete with all of the natural things served in this place such as massifs, lakes, mountains, floras, faunas, and so on. Every single one of them has its characteristics that makes them stand out and cannot be found in other different places. Be ready to be the one that see one of the most beautiful things in this world.  Traveling to this place is one of the dreams that come true.

While traveling, one of the most important things is related to the lodge. Everyone wants to have the best places to travel along with the best place to stay during the traveling. A comfortable place is a must, especially after the long holiday activities. For those who is going to visit Torres del Paine National Park Chile, the Torres del Paine National Park lodging might be one of the most important things to be prepare. Keep reading this entire article to know which lodge might be your option during your visit to Torres del Paine National Park.

Torres del Paine National Park Lodging Torres del Paine National Park Lodging Torres del Paine National Park Lodging

There are a lot of lodges around Torres del Paine National Park. All of them have different stars rates, costs, services, and so on. Some need high cost, some have low prices. Consider many things such as your budgets and the environment before taking one.

The first lodge we are going to review is Tierra Patagonia Hotel and Spa. Tierra Patagonia Hotel and Spa is located in Chile, in Patagonia for exact. This lodge is such a dreamy lodge. It offers a space where comfort the reigns. There are a lot of windows everywhere. You can select any windows to be the place to enjoy your surroundings. The most spectacular views of this lodge are the lakes and the tops of Torres del Paine National Park.

During your stay, you are not only can enjoy the view but also can do many other things such as exploring the area. To do this, you can go on horseback with the accompaniment of the local huaso guide. For those who want the extreme activities, you can join the guides of Patagonian to enjoy some kinds of hikes starts from a walk in lakeside to a trek atop glacier. If you are patient enough, you might try your luck in catching the fishes such as salmon.

The features of Tierra Patagonia Hotel and Spa are included 37 standards and superior rooms plus 3 suites in total that offer the very fantastic views of Torres del Paine National Park; the lounge area and its fire place. You are not going to be frozen in this place; the room of television with board games. Enjoy your trip without missing your favorite movies and television programs; the restaurant what offers the local sourced cuisine. Who does not love food? There is always a yes for a food; the bar with Chilean wines, artisan beer, and cocktails. Have you ever tasted the drink?; the on-site library. Traveling is okay but hitting a book is a must; the spa service along with steam bath, sauna, heated indoor poll, and different kinds of massage and treatment. It is another way to relax your body. It is something that must try; the fast connection of the internet in the public area. You can share your moments with your lovers on the social media. Keep updating even if you are on board. There are also iPads that can be used by the guests; and so on.

The second one is Hosteria Las Torres. This lodge is located in very wonderful location. It sets on a private ranch at the foot of Mount Almirante Nieto which is a part of Torres del Paine National Park. This lodge has a very strategic location with only a few kilometers from the legendary tower known as Paine Tower. The access to get to this lodge is considered so easy.

Hosteria Las Torres offers you 57 simple cozy guest rooms with the very Patagonian furnishings along with the special artwork and features that can awe the visitors. In this lodge, you can enjoy the fresh view from your room. If enjoying the view from a far is not that exciting, you can try the outdoor activities. Some of those activities are horse riding and hiking to Torres del Paine National Park. Other things you can be explored are Salto Grande, Laguna Verde, and Grey Glacier. After doing the outdoor activities, there must be s butterfly in your stomach. To make the noise quiet, you can enjoy many varieties of the meals in its restaurant. The restaurant serves the Patagonian dishes with the ingredients from the organic garden.

The third one is Eco Camp Patagonia. As seen in the title, the form of this lodge is like a camp. You can enjoy the nuance of the camp while visiting the Torres del Paine National Park Chile. The sustainable domes, the shared bathrooms, the large community domes, the wood stoves, and the private terrace make the situation perfect as ever. This Eco Camp Patagonia is located in the center of Torres del Paine National Park. All of the settings and artwork was inspired by the ancient of the region. You can select any rates as you want.

Aside from all of the lodges that have been mentioned above, there are several lodges that are a part of Torres del Paine National Park lodging. Those are Awasi Patagonia, Hosteria Tercera Barranca, Explora Patagonia, Refugio Las Torres, Refugio Laguna Amarga, Hotel Lago Grey, and many more. So, have you decided yet? Where are you going to stay during your trip to Torres del Paine National Park? You can select one that you thing suit you the best. If you cannot decide, you can pick them all to kill your curiosity. It does not matter at all you know, as long as you have the very good budgets on your pocket.

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