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In this 21st century, traveling is like one of basic necessities of life along with foods, clothes, and home. Sometimes, it is more important than the three for some people. This thing cannot be separated from people in this world. Everyone needs traveling, especially after the daily hectic activities.

Nowadays, most of people are aware that they need traveling to refresh their minds. Beside for that reason, traveling has become a new hobby for everyone. Every single one, especially the youngster, always wants a new thing. With their hot blood, they always want to explore something new. There are many places as the options to travel. How about you? Do you like traveling? Where kind of place is your favorite place to travel? Do you prefer traveling to nature or the modern place?

If you prefer the natural ones, there are tons of choices that can you picks. All the places are spread in all over the world. How many places you have visited? Have you ever gone to Chile? Chile is counted as one of the must-visited countries. This country is so rich, especially when it comes to the natural things. There are a lot of places in Chile to be your options. One of the lists is Torres del Paine National Park. This place is the fifth most beautiful places awarded by National Geography.

Torres del Paine National Park Chile Torres del Paine National Park Chile Torres del Paine National Park Chile Torres del Paine National Park Chile
Tores del Paine National Park is one of national park is located in Chile, in the southern Chilean Patagonia for exact. It is 112 km (about 70 miles) north of Puerto Natales and 312 km (about 194 miles) north of Punta Arenas. Because of its location, it is also more known as Torres del Paine National Park Chile. This national park has mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers to attract people. There are several borders that surround this national park. In the west, the park borders Bernardo O’Higgins National Park and Los Glaciares National Park in the north.

Does Torres del Paine National Park is huge? It is 181,414 hectares, so it is huge enough to be called huge. It makes this national park as one of the biggest national park and also most visited parks in the country named Chile with the average visitors of the park around 252,000 visitors each year. Those visitors consist of 54% foreign tourists and the rest percentage as the domestic tourists. All of the foreign tourists come from all the places around the world. Another fact of this national park is it is considered as a part of National System of Protected Forested areas of Chile.

How is the climate of the climate in Torres del Paine National Park? The climate around the area is not consistent due to the geography. The conditions of the national park are variable. Generally, it is so cold in the rain without a dry season. In the winter, the average high temperatures in July is 5°C (about 41°F), and average low is -3°C (about 27°F). During the warmest month which is January, the temperatures are lower than 16°C or about 61°F. Prepare everything if you are going to visit this national park, especially in winter.

What is the special thing of Torres del Paine National Park compared to the other national parks? Just like any national park, the strong point of this national park is included its flora and its fauna. This park has a lot of flora and fauna as their collections. For flora, this national park is dominated by vegetative type. All of floras in this park are all beautiful to the point it will awe you and make your jaw drop. One of the most special things is evergreen Embothrium coccineum. This vegetable produces vivid red flowers grouped in corymbs. There is Calceolaria unifora with a sharp shape and colors.

In the fauna section, there are mammals that commonly can be found in this national park. The name of the mammals is Guanacos. Other mammals that can you find in this park are foxes and pumas. Aside from mammals, this national park has about 15 bird of prey species such as Andean condor, black chested buzzard eagle, rufous tailed hawk, cinereous harrier, austral pygmy owl, and so on.

How about the geography? Apparently, Torres del Paine National Park is dominated by the massifs known as Paine massif. There also some small valleys that separate the spectacular granite spires and mountains of massif. Those valleys are French Valley (Valle de Frances), Valle Bader, Valle Ascencio, and Silence Valley (Valle del Silencio). For the glaciers, there are Dickson, Grey, and Tyndall. As for the lakes, it included Dickson Lake, Nordenskjold Lake, Lake Pehoe, Grey Lake, Sarmiento Lake, and Del Toro Lake.

How to get to Torres del Paine National Park? You can reach this national park by using Chile Route 9. It connects Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales. If you are going to make a visit in winter season, it is better for you to use the tyre chains. It is the most recommended one in the very unstable conditions. There are some other alternatives to reach this national park. Some of them are by going through maritime and aerial routes. There are also some buses to this park from Puerto Natales.

So, when are you going to visit Torres del Paine National Park Chile? Have you decided yet? Go put Torres del Paine National Park on your next itinerary now. Have you decided which season to visit? The best time to visit is between September and April. Choose the best time for you by considering many things.

Make your decision now. With its attractive things, it is sure that you will not be disappointed while visiting one. Take along your family, your best friends, and your lovers to accompany you. Traveling with your lovers is better than solo traveling. It can make all of you ever closer than before. If it is possible, it is even perfect for you to visit the other places in Chile to feed you.

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