How to Hike the W in Torres del Paine

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Torres del Paine National Park is the biggest national park in Chile. It is also more known as Torres del Paine National Park Chile for people who live outside Chile. This national park is located in the southern Chilean Patagonia in particular. This park is about 112 km north of Puerto Natales and about 312 km north of Punta Arenas.

Torres del Paine National Park is so huge. The area of this national park is about 227.298 hectares. With this width, Torres del Paine National Park is counted as one of the largest national park and also most visited parks in Chile. The average visitor of the park is around 252,000 visitors every year. That data consists of 54% foreign tourists and the rest percentage considered as the domestic tourists. Many people around the world have put Torres del Paine National Park on their itinerary. When will you?

Real talk! What makes Torres del Paine National Park be known and has so many visitors?  If you are ever visited this national park, you will understand why do a lot of people love this place. This national park has many attractions. Those attractive things can please your eyes, your ears, your nose, your overall body, your heart, and your mind. Every inch of it can awe you every second. Some of those attractive things are included mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers, and many more.

There are a lot of activities that can be enjoyed by you when you are in Torres del Paine National Park. One of the most favorite ones is hiking. Hiking to this national park is the top list activities. With hiking, you are able to enjoy every inch of this national park and be able to witness the real beauty of this park. To hike this national park, there are several ways that you can select. Consider everything before deciding which way you are going to go through. Among those ways, W trek is probably the most known one. What is W exactly?

How to Hike the W in Torres del Paine How to Hike the W in Torres del Paine How to Hike the W in Torres del Paine

That W is not a usual alphabet. W in this term is a trek. It is the name of the physical shape of the route. This route is called W because of its “W” shape. This W trek is probably the most popular treks. This trek is friendly for everyone because it is more accessible and more manageable than the other treks such as Tour de Mont Blanc and the John Muir trail. This trek is able to be done in 3 days. If you are doing it relaxed, it can be done by 5 days. Five days can include 2 days in the middle as the rest day. How can it done too soon? Apparently, the length of W trek is just about 50 miles. Even it is only 50 miles, it covers a lot of things such as Glacier Grey, Valle Frances along with Glacier Frances, and the beautiful Torres de Paine, the main diamond of the park. When trekking around this route, do not worry of the thought of getting lost. Throw it away. This national park has very good trails and good signage. If you ever separated from your group, there are many ranger stations in every corner. If you are a professional trekker, this W route is not bad for a hike. For the amateur one, please ask for a guide for the sake of your safety.

How is the trek of Torres del Paine W trek? Does this trek considered easy or hard? According to a lot of hikers, it is pretty easy if you are in a good condition. If not, it will be harder for you. There are a lot of sections that consist of uneven rocks. Those uneven rocks can make both of your feet tougher than before. The two of your feet can be so bad after about eight hours of stepping on them. It means that the Torres del Paine W trek difficulty depends on several factors such as the weather, the conditions of the trail, how many hour did you sleep, your feeling, the gear you are wearing, the weight of your pack, and so on.

The way through Valle del Frances takes the longest time. It is probably the hardest one with a fairly steady grade uphill and just a few steep uphill and downhill climbs. The very first day to the Torres del Paine is the steepest rode. Actually, the extreme condition does not always happen every time. The same route can be easier one day and harder in the next day. This route also can be easy for one person and too difficult for another one. Overall, some areas of this W trek are steep and very challenging. It is can be quite hard with those ups and downs but still can be accessed if you have the big eager.

Are you ready to start your journey and witnessed every inch of the beauty of Torres del Paine National Park? Have you decided which season you are going to go? Before deciding one, it is better for you to inform yourself of what should you prepare for hiking in Torres del Paine.

You should think while preparing. Each thing on your packing list should be useful. On the other word, you do not have to bring the unnecessary things and just focus on the necessary one. Your backpack should not have to bring many things that only make your backpack full. You will be carrying your backpack for the entire trek, so think about it well before your back ends up to be hurt. As your reference, here are some lists of things you probably have to take along. The lists are included hiking pants, trousers, T-shirts, clothes, jackets, under wears, towel, gloves, hats, socks, shoes, sandals, sunglasses, cameras, phone, small first aid kit, medicine, hiking pole, trash bag, sunscreen, cooking equipment, insect repellent, cash or credit card, foods and drinks, passport, and so on. In case you will not stay in lodge and choose to sleep in your tent instead, you have to bring some other ones such as sleeping bag, tent, mattress, lamp, and many more.

After taking a note about what should you bring to Torres del Paine National Park, it is your time to get to know and study about the Torres del Paine W trek map. It is better be done in order to master the area so you will not look like amateur and have slightly information about that route.

For those who are trying to make your own plan, here is the information about the distance between some points. The first one is Hosteria Las Torres to Campamento Torres (it is 9 kilometers and about 3.5 hours). The first way of it is such a steep ascent. There are also the trails. If you are bringing heavy packs, it is going to take 4 or 4.5 hours. The second one is Campamento Torres to Mirador Torres (it is about 45 minutes to 1 hour). It is a steep rocky ascent. The third one is Hosteria Las Torres to Refugio Los Cuernos (it is about 11 kilometers and takes 4.5 to 5 hours). The fourth one is Los Cuernos to Campamento Italiano (it is about 5.5 kilometers and takes 2.5 hours). The fifth one is Campamento Italiano to Mirador Britanico in the Valle Frances (it is about 7.5 kilometers one way and takes 3 hours). The sixth one is Italiano to Refugio Paine Grande (it is about 7.6 kilometers and takes 2.5 hours). The last one is Paine Grande to Refugio Grey (it is about 11 kilometers which takes 3.5 hours)

Here is other list of information that might be your reference while you are in Torres del Paine National Park.  In case you are arrive at this national park the night before, build up your camp in Camping Las Torres. In the next day, please wake up early and bring only the important things such as daypacks to the Mirador Las Torres. Then, spend the night at Camping Las Torres for the second time. The next day is you have to head to Los Cuernos.

How is the Torres del Paine National Park sound so far? Are you cannot wait to visit and enjoy some massive glaciers such as the vast Heilo Sur which is considered as the second largest non-polar ice field on the planet; towers of rock; rushing mountain streams and waterfalls; huge lakes; and sublime fields of wildflowers? Book your ticket now! The great time to make a visit is between September and April. Pick one that suits your own schedule.

Go take your decision now. With tons of attractive things of Torres del Paine National Park, your body will be refresh and ready to face the other work days. Solo traveling is good but group traveling is better. Bring along your lovers later while you are going to visit the national park.

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